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From our family farm right to your doorstep.
who we are?

Understanding the sometimes harmful methods of modern agriculture, we started a niche for quality organic produce grown.

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how we work?

We believe it’s the best way to inspire our community to relish in the taste of real, seasonal produce and keep connected to the land.

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what we grow?

We take special care to select and grow specific crop varieties where exceptional flavor is the focus, with a determination to bring the best-tasting produce.

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Our products

Eggplant Small

Sh2,500.00 1kg


Habanero Chillies (Mbuzi): Red

Sh3,800.00 1kg

Chili mbuzi

Yellow Pepper

Sh8,000.00 1kg

Red/Yellow Pepper

Cabbage Red

Sh3,200.00 1 PC

Cabbage Green


Sh3,000.00 per kg

1kg of a fresh selection if carrots.

Although carrots are available throughout the year, locally grown carrots are in season in the summer and fall when they are the freshest and most flavorful.

Apples Green

Sh1,000.00 1 PC


Mini cucumbers

Sh4,000.00 1kg


Why choose
Organic products?
Benefit from more nutrients
Organically grown foods have more nutrients—vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and micronutrients—than commercially grown foods because the soil is managed and nourished with sustainable practices by responsible standards. Organic farming supports eco-sustenance, or farming in harmony with nature. 
Reduce pollution and protect water and soil
Organic agriculture considers the medium- and long-term effect of agricultural interventions on the agro-ecosystem. It aims to produce food while establishing an ecological balance to prevent soil fertility or pest problems. Organic agriculture takes a proactive approach as opposed to treating problems after they emerge.
Preserve agricultural diversity
Organic farmers are both custodians and users of biodiversity at all levels. At the gene level, traditional and adapted seeds and breeds are preferred for their greater resistance to diseases and their resilience to climatic stress. At the species level, diverse combinations of plants and animals optimize nutrient and energy cycling for agricultural production.
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Top Rated
Sh1,350.00 per bunch
Sh2,300.00 1kg
Passion Fruit
Sh3,000.00 1kg
Beef Tripe (Intenstine)
Sh6,500.00 1kg
Cabbage Red
Sh3,200.00 1 PC
Yellow beans
Sh3,200.00 1kg
Sh1,500.00 1 PC
Sh3,800.00 1kg
Madafu (Young Coconut)
Sh1,500.00 per piece
Best Sellers
Sh1,500.00 1 PC
Sh3,500.00 1kg
White Rice (Mbeya)
Sh2,700.00 1kg
Sweet Banana
Sh300.00 per piece
Baby potatoes
Sh2,000.00 1kg
Sh2,500.00 1kg
Apples Red
Sh1,000.00 1 PC
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